Terminal Equipment


Wide Range of Uncoilers is offered to meet specific needs – Hydraulic or Manually expandable Mandrel, Single or Twin Head (Duplex) Type, Motorized or Non-Driven Uncoiler are available.

Roll Feeder

To get enhanced Process Advantage & Ultimate inline automation, we have full range of A. C. Servo Roll Feeders, Mechanical Roll Feeder, Pneumatic Gripper Feeders along with Hydraulic or Mechanical Crank Press for Pre Punching Operations.

Cutting Press & Profile Straightner

Customized Profile Straightners & Hydraulic Profile Cutting Press with tailor-made dies completes the production requirements to achieve finished Roll Formed Profile from Coil Stock in single pass.

Tailor Made Roll Former

We design Tailor made Roll Former for specific need like Hydraulic Lifted single stage Roll Former for Transformer Radiator Plate, Sliding Base type Roll Former for Just in time size change over.